Hi, I'm Jesse.

Jesse Gray

I am an Agile Leader in Nashville TN who started out in Web Development. I'm still building the same great products, just in a different role. Life in Gray is a website I started when I finished with my degree to show off my design and development work to potential clients and future employers.

Now that I have transitioned completely into project leadership via Agile, I'm not quite sure what to do with this site so I use it to show off a bit of everything and keep my skills somewhat sharp. By somewhat, I mean I have not done a major update since the induction of CSS3! I'll have to re-invent this site or migrate to a new one in the near future to better reflect who I am today.

My collected works are still housed within as well, and you can access them here. If there is a project you think I can assist you with, please contact me.

Web Development

What can I say other than this is what I do best?

  • Custom Themes and Design
  • Web Application Theming and Expansion
  • Web Interface Development
  • Interaction Enhancements
  • Lightweight Web Application Development
  • Email and Direct Marketing Themes
  • Analytics and Campaigns

I make the DOM do awesome things with:

JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, RUBY, SASS, ASP, and whatever else it takes to get it right.

Interface Design and User Experience

We both know the big red buy button is just hiding the real problem.

The perfect interface does not come without trial and error. Every web experience is unique and it's path of least resistance is often hard to pinpoint. The key is testing and evolving to find the perfect balance of ease and results. We can fix the maze and endless loops to get you conversions, or start with something brand new.

Technical Management via Agile

But.. Scrum Master sounds like such a bad thing!

I think my favorite part of Scrum is the healthy working relationships that evolve once everyone gets into the swing of things. Seeing people be able to shed a few "hats" and focus in on their high value work does wonders for our ability to interact with each other.

Having seen the benefits of Scrum spread across multiple teams now, I find the most rewarding part of it to simply be the calm and focus that is centric to high performing teams.

  • Current: Scrum Master / Agile Coach with Emma Inc.
  • Certified ScrumMaster with ScrumAlliance (Cert. #170857)


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I can't wait to hear from you!

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